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Coffee Bar





We believe in community and family.

The Coffee Bar Experience

Imagine having our Shantawene Natural Bean with notes of chocolate and blueberry along with your blueberry muffin or a freshly-toasted bagel with our Bombe Natural Bean with notes of chocolate, plum, and strawberry. You’ll never do coffee the same again – we promise!

 Stop in for a visit and feel free to ask us more about our natural coffee beans. Once you’ve selected a bean, enjoy our ‘pour-over brew’ for a fresh cup made just for you. Taking a quick coffee break? Grab a cup of our Coffee of the Day which is brewed fresh daily with the house-choice natural bean selection.

 Join our Coffee Club TODAY and you can receive weekly, biweekly or monthly shipments of our amazing natural beans.

The Selection Process

Our aim is to feed the mind with our great book collection and nourish the taste buds while spreading the knowledge behind our great coffee and organic tea selections. During our selection process, we pay close attention to the different processes coffee beans go through before coming to market. We source our beans from all over the world including Ethiopia, Cameroon, Indonesia, and Costa Rica.

About Natural Coffee Beans 

We are all accustomed to what is referred to as ‘washed’ coffee beans – it’s what you get in any and every coffee shop in America. Here at Black Dot, we offer something special with our wide variety of ‘natural’ coffee beans.

 The coffee bean is considered a fruit; therefore, this ‘natural’ processing protects the authenticity of the bean and allows them to maintain its natural flavors. So, when you have a cup of brew at Black Dot, you can expect to experience flavorful notes like cherry, blueberry, strawberry, and fruity notes no matter your coffee selection.

 Each cup is unique and every blend delicious.



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